Spirit Filled, Spirit Led And Spirit Targeted.

Spirit Filled

God sent His Holy Spirit to fill us so that we would not be on our own. Jesus mission on earth was completed after He ascended to heaven to sit at the right hand of His Father. He said He had to go so that He could send the Holy Spirit to help us on our journey on earth. His Holy Spirit came at Pentecost as promised and filled those waiting and manifested in speaking in tongues or other languages. Those witnessing this event saw and heard fire and sound as evidence of the in filling. So also today we need to be filled with His Spirit to function in the Spirit.

Spirit Led

Now the Holy Spirit will lead us in our daily walk. Jesus was led by the Spirit. He only did what He saw and heard His Father doing. This was possible not because He was the Son of God but the son of man anointed in the Spirit. Jesus was full of the Spirit. We too need to be full of the Spirit to do what Jesus did. Jesus said that we would do more than what He did. This is only possible through the anointing in the Spirit. To be led by the Spirit is to not walk by sight but by faith. This is an inner knowing which some call intuition. I felt led to hand a tract recently to someone who repaired my watch strap. He later rang me and we are in fellowship now.

Spirit Targeted

The Spirit targets certain people and situations for a purpose. We may think it is a coincidence but in God there is no coincidence. He directs our steps and we walk accordingly. Life takes on a totally new dimension when we walk in the Spirit. He gives us strategies to solve impossible problems. He opens the eyes of the blind when we speak the now word to them. Heaven comes down and we begin to know what it is to live a heavenly life on earth. Chance  encounters turn out to be supernatural events. What appeared to be a negative situation turns out to be an encounter made in heaven. How exciting to live a Spirit led life.

Photo by Monstera on Pexels.com

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