When You See Into The Unseen, Things Become Tangible.


Faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen. What is seen is self evident. What is unseen requires faith to see. Once we are able to see beyond the seen, we become like God. God sees into the unseen realm because He is the invisible, transcendent being who resides in the heavenlies. Yet He has made Himself known to us through His Son, Jesus. God saw into the unseen realm and gave birth to His Son on earth. There are many things we do not see at present but one day they become evident. God knew us before we were formed in our mother’s womb. 

Spiritual Eyes

Seeing into the unseen realm requires faith. Yet faith is that intangible way that many of us find difficult to comprehend with our physical eyes. We need spiritual eyes to see into the realm of the unseen. This is possible only when God opens our eyes to see. Many think they see but are blind. We can deceive ourselves by saying we see but don’t. This is the deception that many fall into because we are blinded by the god of this world. This blindness keeps us bound to the earthly realm of sight. To go go beyond the earthly realm requires faith. Yet God has given us enough faith to believe. 


This is a mystery how many are called but few are chosen. God desires that all be saved but few are saved. This is because of blindness. Spiritual blindness results in only being able to operate in the seen realm. Faith takes us to a different realm. So many are deceived by believing in things that has nothing to do with God. God has made a way through Jesus. He said He is the only way to the Father. When we believe this we begin to see. This sight then leads us to walk through the door into the other realm where Jesus is. We now have access to all of heavens riches.

One thought on “When You See Into The Unseen, Things Become Tangible.

  1. Thanks a lot for always remembering me ,by sending me the Word of strengthening our spiritual capacity ! May God continue blessing you.


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