The Beautiful Exchange

Old Nature

Our nature is fallen and cannot be changed. We were born in sin and condemned to death. However Jesus died so that we can be delivered from sin. He came to give us His nature in exchange. This is the great salvation we have in Him. He restored us to the original design before sin entered man. What a beautiful exchange this is and no amount of work can replicate this. We try to be good but God says our good work is like filthy rags. His righteousness is through His shed blood on the Cross. He paid the price for you and for me. 

New Nature

God’s nature is His personality. Jesus demonstrated this to us on earth. He came as the son of man and was anointed in the Spirit. He showed us how we too can be anointed in the Spirit and walk like He did. He gave us His Holy Spirit to dwell in us to help us in our walk. This means that our old nature needs to die so the new can come forth. The new nature is Jesus nature and will shine through us. We are the replica of Him on earth. Now when we walk in the light as He is in the light we have fellowship with one another and the blood of Jesus cleanses us from all sin. Our personality is transformed into His image.

Beautiful Exchange

What a beautiful exchange is this and too profound to comprehend. Yet this is what God had planned from the beginning. Now we are being prepared for rulership in the world to come. Our training begins now on earth and we can do this only through His Holy Spirit in us. This is why we must let go of all things that will hinder us in this walk in the Spirit. Let us begin today to shine for Jesus wherever we maybe.

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