The Battles In Our Mind Disappear In His Presence

Our mind is the centre of our operations. We think through situations and problems and come to a solution. We are not animals that just react by their senses. We sense and then process it and decide if it is good or bad. Most of the time we decide to do the right thing. However many times we choose to do the wrong thing. This is what Paul describes in Romans 7 where he wants to do the right but ends up choosing the wrong. His solution was to move to the anointing in Romans 8. In Christ there is no condemnation and the case is closed. We are now free to choose what is right and to do it. However many still operate in Romans 7 and continue to battle in their minds.


God has provided a way of escape. In His presence  there is peace and joy. None of the mind battles appear to matter any more. They disappear in His presence. The way into His presence is to meditate on His word and pray in the Holy Spirit. His word enters our mind and dispels all conflict and addictions of the mind. Many are held captive by obsessive thoughts that control them and there appears to be no way of escape. Demonic infiltration further compounds the problem. The devil plays games in our mind and we believe him rather than the word of God. God says that He has not given us a spirit of fear but of love, power and a sound mind.


We have now to partner with the Holy Spirit and walk in obedience to His word. His word divides between soul and spirit. His word is the sword of the spirit that is able to deliver us from our battles. His word is power and the word of His power will obliterate every attack of the enemy. The enemy will make you feel guilty and make you own his thoughts. He sows thoughts into your mind and then makes you own it. We need to discern the enemy’s tactics and not give in to him. We need to distance those negative thoughts and delete them from our mind. The Holy Spirit will provide the strategy required to do this. I find it helpful to distance myself from anything or person that will take the place of Jesus in my mind. My only attachment should be with Jesus. This is what will cause the separation from the world and all that will come against us.

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