It Is Time To Operate In Resurrection Power

Paul states his desire was to know Him and His resurrection power and the fellowship of His sufferings. This is my desire too and should be the desire of all of us who believe in Jesus. His resurrection power is available to us now. If this is not true then our faith is based on shaky ground. It is only through His resurrection power that we were born again of the spirit. Some would say it is a delusion to believe this but those of us who have experienced His power know different. His power is available to all who call on His Name to be saved. His blood is powerless to cleanse us from all sin but for His resurrection power. This power is what turned the world upside down after His ascension. This same power is what will turn the world right side up now.

Resurrection Power

We need to operate in resurrection power now to reverse the downward spiral of the world to self destruction and annihilation. It is His church that is keeping the world from spiralling into disaster. Once the church is raptured the world will lose all restraint. Now is the time to pray for the kingdoms of the world to become the Kingdom of God. Our chief weapon is prayer. Prayer is what changed history in the early church. The same applies now. God promises to intervene when His people pray and turn from their wicked ways. What is stopping us from doing so? We are not operating in resurrection power so our prayers are not answered.


We need to pray from our position in heaven down to earth. Most of us pray from our earthly position than our heavenly position. We are seated with Christ in heavenly places now. This shift in position will bring about a change in the atmosphere on earth. When we speak His word out aloud we can stop wars. His word goes forth to do that for which it is sent. This is the authority we have on earth. Only we humans have this authority on earth to bind and to lose. The angels don’t have this authority. The devil and his demons have no authority when His people rise up and pray. We must possess the land and God promises to give it to us. Just as Israel occupied the land we too must move in and occupy the land where God has placed us.

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