Attachment, Intimacy And Transformation


Attachment to Jesus is the first step to transformation. Jesus call is that we should leave all and follow Him. This is not an easy path to walk but He laid down His life for us. He expects us to lay down our life for Him. We do this by leaving all and being attached to Him alone. This is firstly a spiritual attachment and then a emotional attachment. Jesus is a living person as He rose from the dead. He can be known as closely as the person next to you. He is not an object in the sky but a living person we can relate to. He identified with us, His creation, by coming down in the form of man and lived with us. He knows our weaknesses as He bore our sins on His body and died for us. He was the living sacrifice and died once for all. 


We can now have intimacy with Him as He loves to have a relationship with us. He sent His Holy Spirit that we may have a Comforter to help us in our relationship with Him. He talks with us and walks with us and says we are His own. This is the joy of fellowship we have with Him. He knows everything about us and now He wants to reveal everything about Him to us. We now can walk in revelation which is the knowledge of God from heaven. His word is the first instalment of this revelation. His Spirit then reveals more of Himself as we meditate on His word. Jesus and His word are one. 


As we walk in His revelation we become transformed by His Spirit into His image. Just as Moses face shone and glowed in His presence we too will shine. Our complexion will change and we will look younger. His blood flows through us and transforms our cells. Our organs will begin to heal and be recreated in His presence. The glory of the Lord will descend upon us. We will impact those around us and we will be history makers. This transformation is dependent upon our surrender to His will. It is a daily walk and not just a one time anointing.  Let us encourage each other to walk like Him today.

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