Those Who Spaak From The Fire Spread The Fire

The Fire is where God resides in glory. Fire speaks of holiness and purity. It burns but also empowers. This fire is living and so can produce life. In the Spirit we enter into a higher realm. We are seated in heavenly places with Christ as believers. However few of us understand this and therefore still operate from earthly realms. When we enter the throne room of God we have a different perspective of things. We see things from God’s perspective. This change of perception will lead to a different way of doing things. Jesus spoke from the fire and many did not understand Him. They failed to comprehend His words because they saw from an earthly perspective. Those who understood the meaning of His words began to change.


When we speak from the Fire we will speak like Jesus. His words from heaven will flow through us and touch others. When Jesus spoke the devils left and healing and deliverance happened. This is what we can expect as signs and wonders following our preaching of the word. This is the time when God is moving in nations and making Himself known to the masses. The glory cloud is descending and people are being caught up through the revelation from heaven. Those outside the fold will see and be amazed. The systems of the world will crumble under the power of God. 


Righteousness and justice will return to government as people repent and turn from their wicked ways. Only a fresh move of God can reverse the downward trend that we see in the world today. Let us join our hearts together and pray for the fire of God to spread through the nations. It has already started happening and those who have ears to hear will hear the rumblings. Many suddenlies will happen. Signs in the heavens and on earth will happen. These are all signs of the things to come. We must be ready and prepared to move as the Spirit moves.

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