We Must Operate In The Overflow To Avoid Burnout.

Walking in the spirit is not easy in the flesh. The flesh operates by sight and this is not the way of the spirit. The spirit operates by faith. This is a different dimension to walking by sight. Faith sees what is not seen yet believes. He who comes to God must believe He exists. It is impossible to please God without faith. God has not made it impossible for us to walk this walk of faith. He sent His Holy Spirit to help us in our walk. Now we must be filled with Him so that we trust Him more than we trust ourselves. When we trust Him He comes through for us. All the saints who have gone before us are a testament of their trust in God.

Be Filled

God wants us to be filled in the Holy Spirit like a tank is filled. He also wants us to overflow in the Spirit. Being filled is sufficient for us to function but the overflow enables us to bless others. Filling our own tank meets our needs but we are here to bless. Blessing will flow out of us to bless others and meet their needs. Many are hungry and thirsty and unless we reach out they will surely die. The baptism in the Spirit is a requirement for the overflow. This baptism was manifested in the gift of tongues. It is as if the overflow spilled out in tongues. Now as we pray in tongues we begin to prime the pump to start the overflow.

Praying In Tongues

I have found that praying in tongues has enabled me to flow in the overflow. Many things that appeared impossible became possible in the overflow. People were affected around me and the atmosphere shifted. Many times we enter a space where there is a spirit of strife and our presence calms the atmosphere. Many solutions come forth in daily mundane matters. Creative thoughts and visions manifest in the overflow. Healing and deliverance manifest in the overflow. Ministry becomes a joy rather than a burden. We are refreshed rather than washed out. Today let us operate in the overflow and glow for Jesus.

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