Truth Forces Us to Think In Black And White

Truth is difficult to comprehend in a fallen world. Yet Jesus said He is the Truth. His word is truth and is the template for all to base their opinions on. However many do not accept that the Bible is the word of God and is based on absolute truth. Facts are different from truth. Facts can change. Science is based on facts. Truth belongs to a higher realm of intelligence and is from a heavenly realm. Truth is spirit based while facts are based on what can be evaluated. Truth many times cannot be proved by facts because it is based on a different dimension of knowledge. Therefore when we apply truth as our standard for our conduct we become black and white in our thinking and responses.

Black And White

Black and white thinking does not help us in our interactions with others. Most of our dealings with others are based on context. A person who operates as a victim cannot appreciate another who behaves like a victor. Both are true in their own life experience. When one tries to apply one experience against another conflict of opinions arise. Both are right but come from different experiences. Jesus came to lead us to embrace the truth. Truth is in a person and He said He is the truth. Pilate could not understand this. Many find this a challenge that there is such a thing as absolute truth. Yet God is absolute truth and therefore we can expect justice and righteousness from Him.


Truth enables us to think in a higher plane but there is no discussion on truth. In heaven there are no opinions and therefore there are no questions. Everything is truth and plain to all. Truth enlightens our minds and we can see right from wrong. Truth enables us to be free to be. This is what Jesus promised us when we receive Him as our Lord and Saviour. He comes to live in us and lead us and guide us in our daily life. We need to lead others to the Truth so that they too can be set free from the world of opinions.

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