Fear And Anxiety Are From Your Soul. Overcome Through Your Spirit.

Your soul is that part of your being that is composed of your thoughts, feelings and will. Your spirit is separate from your soul. This is not taught by most theologians and so there is confusion in the body. Soul and spirit are used interchangeably by most preachers. This is why the church continues to strive to be better rather than rest in Christ finished work on the Cross. When He saved us the salvation was for our whole being, spirit, soul and body. We know our spirit was redeemed but our soul is being redeemed through the process of sanctification. Our body is affected by this transformation of our soul. Sin still can affect our soul man and manifests in sickness and disease in our  body and mind.

Holy Spirit

When we are filled in the Holy Spirit we have a power to overcome all things. Jesus promised us the Holy Spirit which is the same Spirit that possessed Him. He knew we could not walk the path of holiness without help. He sent the Comforter to help us in our walk. We have the same authority as sons of God as Jesus had when He walked on earth. Why then the disparity between our walk and our talk? I believe this is because we are not walking in the Spirit but in our flesh. This is why we need a separation to occur between our flesh and our spirit. This separation occurs when we are filled in the Holy Spirit and walk in the Spirit.


In the Holy Spirit we can overcome all things as Jesus did. we must be prepared to die to all things fleshly to be made whole. Our flesh will protest and refuse to die to our dying day. However we can overcome the flesh through our spirit. I know this by experience and daily am growing in strength and authority in the Holy Spirit. The rate of growth is proportional to my death to my flesh. This is why Jesus said that we must be prepared to carry our cross daily to follow Him. The suffering we experience in the flesh is nothing compared to the glory that we will experience. 

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