The Holy Spirit Lives In Me

The Holy Spirit is a Person who resides within my spirit. Jesus said that He would send another who would come and reside within us. The Holy Spirit was always there but now He comes to reside within us. Once He was outside but now He is inside. I had the experience of someone prying through me. This was the Holy Spirit. He is separate from my spirit. It was an awesome experience to know that He lives in me. This separation from my spirit from the Holy Spirit was a experience I never had before. It was as if there was a separation and I could experience Him as separate from y spirit. I heard Him pray in tongues through me which was different from my spirit praying in tongues.


What does this all mean? This separation has caused me to respect the person of the Holy Spirit within me. Now I carry Him  wherever I go and I expect He will speak through me and I will be aware of this. This awareness comes as I acknowledge His presence within me. It is so true that He is a Comforter and Guide. He is able to direct my thoughts and I stand amazed. He is not just a visitor but a permanent resident. How awesome is that the Creator of the world lives in me! How is this possible but for the grace of God. I am looking forward to see how this experience will change my talk and walk.


Being aware of His presence within us is like having another in your home. He is always with you and you will tend to behave and talk differently. You are never alone. He is with you all the time.  Talk about change. This is what happens when we become aware of the Holy Spirit within us. This is what holiness is about. His presence within us turns us into holy people for His glory.

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