We Reflect On To Others Who We are, Like A Mirror.

Reflections are subconscious projections of our inner self on to others. Just like a mirror we see our reflections in others. If we have a suspicious mind then we see others as suspicious and evil. We react to them as such and are unaware of our own contribution to the same. Our mind defends itself by blaming others than look at how we have misperceived the other. This is so destructive a transaction that many are swept into situations of intractable conflict for years. Negative emotions are aroused and justified in the name of justice. What deception clouds our relationships because of this phenomena. Insight into this dilemma will free many from a chronic condition of disorder to order.


Projections are unconscious because they reflect a deep template which has been laid down from early years of programming. When a child is raised to see others as evil then a template is laid down to reinforce this through life experience. Our projections are confirmed by responses from others. When we grow in an environment of love then there are more chances that we will see others as loving and respond accordingly. Despite negative experiences love will still be the predominant emotion. We will be able to forgive and not harbour ill feelings towards others. In an environment of hostility we are bound by negative feelings and reactions which cloud our world. 


The way out of this dilemma is to examine ourselves. We need to judge ourselves first before we judge others. We maybe right in our judgements of others but we will give allowance for error rather then be stuck in one position. We are all fallen and so are influenced by our own fallen nature and environment. Jesus taught us to love first and never to judge others unfairly.This insight will lead us to judge ourselves first before we react and feel sorry. Today let us reflect on our own attitude and be set free from false perceptions.

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