I Believe 2023 Will Be A Glorious Year

I believe 2023 will be a glorious year. What does this mean? I am sure we have heard this spoken every year and nothing much has changed. Yet God’s now word is true. He speaks His word and it will come to pass. Will we believe this? Many times we hear God’s word but fail to believe it and so lose it. God’s word must be believed and claimed. This is the difference between the talk and the walk. If I believe I must act on it. If I believe it will rain then I must go out with an umbrella. Noah believed and built the ark and was seen as a fool. Many step out in faith believing and see the results of their faith. The 5 virgins were prepared and went into the room. We must do the same.

Holy Spirit

I believe the Holy Spirit is moving around the world in ways never seen before. I hear reports from India and Iran of the move of God never heard of before. In my own spirit I feel an awakening that I have never experienced before. I am experiencing the release of gifts and answers to prayers at a speed never experienced before. Healing and deliverance and other manifestations of the Spirit are happening. So much more is to come as God moves in the hearts of people and the people respond in faith. Financial breakthrough and deliverance are two recent stories I have heard. I was healed of a stomach ailment after nine months of travail.


Each miracle builds on the other. Faith grows and we enter the realm of the impossible. Words are spoken out in faith and are performed in the present. What a time we live in. It is as if we are entering into the days of Noah and there is no turning back. Evil is rising but so is the glory of God. As the darkness deepens the light gets brighter. I look forward to a glorious 2023 and I hope you do too.

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