Do Not Personalise Your Negative Thoughts

Thoughts come to you from various sources. They can come from within you or outside you. From outside they could be from the world, devil or God. Your senses can also lead to you having thoughts and so do your feelings. We need therefore to discern the source of our thoughts. When we are unaware of the source, we  will tend to personalise our thoughts. To personalise is to take  personal responsibility for those thoughts. When one does this guilt usually is the consequence of negative thoughts. This then becomes a cycle of negative thoughts, negative feelings and negative behaviours. Many are bound in this cycle and react in unhealthy ways. To make it worse any influence of drugs or alcohol will push one to suicide. This is the ultimate strategy of the devil to steal, kill and destroy.


Always ask yourself what is the source of these thoughts. If they are from any source other than God, reject them immediately. This will then start you on the process of deliverance. Deliverance is not just to do with demons although demonic attachments can occur through negative thoughts. Anything negative is not from God. Feelings of pride, jealousy and envy are not of God. Negative behaviours are not of God although one can justify anger as being righteous. One can be assertive but not aggressive. This is the way to transform your mind. This is a process and it takes daily action to be transformed through the renewal of our mind. There is no easy path to sanctification but through this process of repentance, forgiveness and transformation. A caterpillar will have to shed its old skin before it can be a butterfly.


God has given us all the resources we need to be transformed. He has given us His own Holy Spirit to help us. He knew our helpless state and so planned to inhabit us through His Spirit. We now can depend on Him as our Counsellor and Guide to lead us on our way to freedom from negative thoughts and intents. Many mental health disorders begin with the entertainment of negative thoughts. Be set free from negative thoughts today and be led by the Holy Spirit.

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