In The Holy Spirit We Can Overcome All Things

God has given us His own Spirit so that we can live in His power than in ours. We can strive to be holy till we die or we can rest in His power. This is the difference between law and grace. One is a taskmaster and the other is the law of love. God so loved the world and He continues to do so especially for His elect. He has given us all the power we need to overcome. We live in a broken world and face many challenges. However we do not need to live below it but above it. We are seated in heavenly places with Christ. This is a mystery but this is the difference between living in the Holy Spirit and in our flesh.


In our flesh we will continue to strive to be good enough. We are saved but we continue to walk according to our flesh. How can two work together if they are opposed? The Spirit is opposed to the flesh and the flesh is opposed to the Spirit. We therefore have to choose to live in the Spirit daily and walk by the Spirit. This is the only way to overcome the world and the flesh. God has made a way of escape and we have to choose His way. This comes down to our will. Will we surrender our will to His will? We do not have to seek to now His will because His will lives in us. 


How marvellous it is to know that God has made a way of escape for us. Everything was planned before we were born. We think we know it all but till we come to the place of knowing nothing but God, we are still striving in our own strength. God has made it so easy for us to follow Him yet we make it difficult. His resurrection power is in us. What more power do we need to be over comers? Nothing but the blood of Jesus can save us.

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