Heavenly Transference

We pray “Your will be done as it is in heaven”. Do we really understand what this means? To pray His will be done on earth is to bring heaven down to earth. This is to build His Kingdom down here on earth. Is this even possible in a fallen world? Will the god of this world allow it? This is the war we are in down here as we implement His Kingdom values and will down here. There will be resistance but we have been given the authority to bind and to lose, to permit and refuse permission. When we do this we will see a shift in the atmosphere around us. God’s glory will descend and all evil will be pushed back. The earth will rejoice  and all creation will benefit from His tangible presence. Jesus brought heaven down to earth when He descended from heaven. He brought healing, deliverance and light. We are called to do the same.

Total Submission

We must submit all to God and resist the devil. Total submission to God will push the forces of evil back. The devil cannot fight God and win. He thought he had won when they crucified Jesus. The devil suffered a death blow at the Cross. He was completely defeated when Jesus rose from the dead. Now we have to implement  the finished work of Jesus on the Cross. When we do this as a church we will move heaven to earth. One can do much but two can do more. Let us unite under the banner of Jesus and shift the atmosphere in our town, city and nation. This is possible when we believe and do what He says. The shift first happens in the spiritual realm and then in the earthly realm. God is waiting for His people to trust His word and obey.

Heavenly Invasion

I believe faith is rising in the nations and many are witnessing a fresh move of God. We must jump in and join the flow and see nations changed. Many are having heavenly visitations of angels and miraculous signs evidenced. These are all signs of His preparation of the church for the final return of the King. Let us not be weary but awake and hot for His return in glory.

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