Holy Spirit, Human Spirit And Soul

God is Spirit and He created man in His own image, a spirit being. However through the Fall man lost his ability to commune with God and so created god in his own image. This longing for God is there in all creation. Many are unaware that this hole in their being is due to a loss of connection with God. Therefore man is in search for an answer and God provided the answer. His answer is found in Jesus. Connection with Father God is restored through Jesus. The Holy Spirit was sent to inhabit the spirit of man. The spirit of man was reborn through the new birth in Christ. 

Spirit of man

The spirit of man although born again still is limited in our body. It is affected by the body and the soul. The soul of man is the conscious part of man that thinks, feels and wills to do. Most of the time we operate in our soul. Our soul is limited in its capacity to know God because it lives in our body. It is only through our spirit that we are able to connect with God who is spirit. Now we have the Holy Spirit to help us in our communion with God. We can now operate in our human spirit or the Holy Spirit. Our spirit can lead us or the Holy Spirit. The same Holy Spirit that raised Christ from the dead lives in us. This is a profound revelation. Now we can be led by the Holy Spirit.

Holy Spirit

Being led by the Holy Spirit is to walk like Jesus did. He only did what He saw and heard His Father doing. We too can be led by the Holy Spirit as He reveals His mind to us. Once we know the voice of God we will look to be led by Him. This is to live an abundant life here on earth in the Holy Spirit. No circumstance or restriction can rob us of the joy of this communion. We live in habitation and in this place nothing can take us away from Him. We live under the shelter of His wings. Let us be led by the Holy Spirit today and be united in bringing heaven to earth.

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