Understanding Through The Holy Spirit

We can read scripture and understand it through our mind or through the Holy Spirit. We can operate through our mind or through the Holy Spirit. Jesus said He would send another to replace Him. He would live in us and teach and guide us. When we enter into the realm of the Spirit we enter a new dimension of operation. Jesus did not leave us alone. The only way we can connect to the heavenly realm is through the Holy Spirit. Every other way is a man made way. This revelation came to me as I began to see how sub standard my walk has been so far. To walk in the Holy Spirit is to walk in total surrender. I am just a vehicle to enable Him to speak and work through me. This so different from the way I was trained to operate by.

Holy Spirit

Walking in the Holy Spirit is a new dimension of living. It is like how Jesus lived on earth. He was full of the Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit is the Spirit of Jesus. How could we ever walk like Jesus without His Holy Spirit? We fool ourselves in thinking we can imitate Him by our own effort. This is a delusion. We need the Holy Spirit to live like Jesus. This challenges my mind as it goes against what I have been trained to do. Now living in the Holy Spirit is easy when I surrender all to Him. He takes over and manifests Himself through me. My understanding grows and I see things in a new way. Love has a new meaning.


When I read the scripture through the eyes of the Holy Spirit my understanding becomes new. I no longer try to understand with my mind which is limited. I process things through the Holy Spirit.  What I thought I understood before becomes like stale bread. I now taste of the living bread which is fresh and new. My walk and talk is like walking in heaven. My life becomes empowered by the Holy Spirit. What appeared impossible becomes possible. This is what it means to live a heavenly life on earth. I see beyond the natural into the supernatural. My soul and body are revived and renewed and I can expect anything as heaven comes down to earth.

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