Word Alignment Is Life

God’s word is the plumb line He has given us to live by. His word is not just a letter but living to enable us to live by what it says. God’s said word becomes His saying word when we believe it and receive it. Replace each word with the Name of Jesus and see transformation come into your life. His word is powerful and spiritual. His word became flesh and dwelt amongst men. God and His word are one. God’s said word transformed into flesh so that we may see and believe. No one has seen God and therefore He sent Jesus in the form of man. Now we have seen God in Jesus and can relate to Him. His words are in alignment with His personality. When we know Him we become like Him. His word is our template in knowing Him.


God has not left us helpless but has sent us a Comforter who will lead us into all truth. His truth is aligned with His word. Therefore when we align ourselves with His word, we walk in obedience. When He said “Love your enemies” He meant it is possible to do so. We can only do this through the Holy Spirit who dwells within us. Many words written in the Beatitudes appear impossible to live by. However they can only be accomplished through a renewed mind. Jesus set the example and knew it was impossible for man but possible for the renewed man. 

We are called to follow Him. This means we have to say and do what He said and did. We have to surrender all to Him and live by His Spirit. His Spirit lives in us who believe in Him. Now He lives through us as we allow Him to. There is nothing impossible in God. God wants to restore us to the way it was in the garden of Eden before the Fall. Will we choose to follow Him?

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