Sexualisation Of Relationships

We live in a broken world. We are bombarded by sexual images through the media as it is very seductive and gets our attention. This is a strategy the devil uses to corrupt our relationships. He entices us to sin and spoils everything. His main mission is to steal, kill and destroy. God has warned us through the book of Proverbs the dangers of being seduced into the devil’s snare. Yet we continue to be led astray to forbidden areas to our own peril. Many start their walk well but end up making compromises and end in a heap. This is what we see happening in the church and in the world. We think we can manage dangerous relationships but fool ourselves.


Sexualisation of relationships is a everyday problem for many. We start well but soon find ourselves sexualising our relationships especially with the opposite sex. This happens in all ages and between sexes. Why do we do this? This is how what began in the spirit now has become fleshly. Good relationships when sexualised soon become corrupted. Watch out for this happening in your relationships. This is why we need to draw firm boundaries around our relationships. Boundaries like laws are there to keep us from harm. Transgress them to our peril.


God has given us guidelines to help us in our walk. We cannot have one leg in the world and the other in the spirit. The flesh is against the spirit. The sooner we recognise this the easier it will be to keep within our boundaries. Discretion is wise in certain relationships. Marriage is out of bounds for outsiders. Marriage is a covenant and any entertainment of others will pollute it. Even parents need to be kept out. Many marriages break down because of parental interference. So also any one else who is part of a marriage and that includes children will destroy the marriage. Beware of boundary incursions and keep your relationships pure

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