Demonic Infiltration

The demonic has infiltrated every aspect of our lives. The seed of the serpent was impregnated through the Fall and ever since then mankind has come under the influence of the god of this world. God saw the results of the Fall and just like in the days of Noah so we are seeing the same effects now. We have lost our fear of God and have become gods in our own eyes. This was what happened to Lucifer before his fall. Pride took over him and he wanted to be god. So the history of mankind has followed in the path of the Fall.

Genetic Code

Our genetic code has been modified through the ages and we see the effects of it in sickness and disease. Now man is trying to modify our genes to make us even more vulnerable through various mutations. God destroyed the hybrid population as the world was populated by a hybrid race and lost the original creation that God created. God created man in His own image but through demonic infiltration all creation fell into sin. God preserved Noah and his family to continue the original creation but we see  that Satan has continued to infiltrate and destroy His creation.

Resurrection Power

Now Jesus sacrifice is the only solution to reverse this downward trend. His blood possesses the resurrection power to reverse all disorder and disease. His blood is sufficient to cleanse and to cure through the cleansing power from heaven. This is the only solution to a sin soaked generation. The Gospel of Good News is as relevant today as it was 2000 years ago. There is no other way to be redeemed from the curse. His blood is sufficient for now and forever to everyone who believes. Let His blood now cleanse you from all sin and see its effects being manifested in your body and soul today.

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