Eternal Life Is the Power From Heaven To Transform

Jesus promised eternal life to all those who received Him as Lord and Saviour. This is a profound statement yet true. He came in the form of sinful man to redeem man from his fallen state. This was planned before the creation of man. God knew that man would sin and so had to provide an answer. His answer is Jesus. He is because He lives and is the same yesterday, today and forever. The promise of eternal life means more than living forever. It is the power to transform our body and soul through the regenerated spirit. We now have the ability to operate in the spirit and commune with God who is Spirit. We were once dead through sin but now are alive through the Holy Spirit.

Holy Spirit

His Spirit dwelling in us enables us to operate in the spirit. We now no longer are led by our thoughts and feelings but by His Spirit. This is a life lived in the Spirit. As my spirit grows and matures in the things of God I am transformed in my mind to change the way I think, feel and act. I am transformed by the renewal of my mind. I become like christ as my mind is renewed. I move from my position in Christ to a relationship with Him. This an ongoing process and the speed of transformation is dependent on my will to surrender all to Him. Most of us go through phases of walking close with Him and then withdrawing. The battle is in our mind. The world and the devil will try to slow the process. We must stay fixed in our goal to fulfil all God has planned for us. This is our destiny.

Eternal Life

Eternal life is  a power that never dies. It is full of life and vitality and new everyday. We must tap into this life daily and not relent. His Spirit will help us. What a wonderful life is this to look to Him for all our needs and desires. His desires become  our desires because all we want to do is please Him. He bought us through His blood and cleansed us from all sin. We now have the pearl of great price and nothing can take it away. Let us rejoice in this eternal life that money cannot buy.

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