Through Which Eyes Are You Seeing: Physical, Mental Or Spiritual?

We are created as a triune being with spirit, psyche, and body. However, we tend only to operate mainly in the physical for this is the part of us that is visible. The spirit and psyche are not visible but as real if only we have eyes to see. The psyche is that part of us that is to do with our thoughts, feelings, and will and some call it our soul. The spirit is a deeper part of us that understands spiritual matters. God is Spirit and can be understood through our spirit. The body with its senses is able to see, hear, taste, smell, and touch and orient itself to the world we live in. Without the senses, we would struggle to understand our world. However, our brain is so sophisticated that it can compensate for a sense that is deficient or absent. The blind are able to perceive through their other senses. We see through our physical eyes and that is one dimension of seeing.


The psychological realm understands what we see in the physical.  We perceive things through our psyche. Most of us take it for granted and do not explore the workings of our minds. Because we are unable to see our mind with our physical eyes so we are blind to the psychological. We assume a lot of things that are not there. This is what leads to us misunderstanding others because we do not understand completely the meaning of what we see in the behaviors of others. When we see with our psychic eyes we begin to understand how complex we are and there are layers of understanding behind what is visible. A child crying may be because she is hungry or because she is irritated by light or sound or pain. So also many behaviors that we see have different meanings and we simplify things to a single cause to our detriment. 


The spiritual eyes see a deeper or higher dimension of operation where angels and demons and God operate. To see with our spiritual eyes is to understand that there is a world beyond the physical and psychological. Some people are able to see visions where angels and demons operate, with their spiritual eyes. This is called spiritual discernment. Prophets are able to see into the future and make predictions of what is to come. The demonic operate in this realm. What appears to be a physical or mental problem could well be a demonic infestation. We need eyes to see in all three realms to see our world in the way God created it. Failure to do this keeps us bound in a prison of our own making. Let us see from God’s perspective and love this world the way He does.

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