When We See And Hear In The Spirit

When we were born again in the spirit we were made a vessel prepared for the indwelling of the Holy Spirit. This is why the Bible calls us a new creation. Our mind cannot comprehend the possibilities this opens up for us in the spirit. The Holy Spirit is God and He has chosen to live in us. Our mind is limited but He is limitless. When we believe this, we will begin to operate in the supernatural. Jesus came as a son of man to demonstrate that it is possible to live like Him on earth. We can now choose to walk in the Holy Spirit or in the flesh. The more we choose to walk in the Holy Spirit the more we will become like Jesus.


This is how transformation occurs. Our minds are renewed and we begin to see things and people like Jesus did. We will think and talk like Jesus. We will not be led by our own mind but by His mind. This is a change in mindset. What a transformation from the old you to the new you. Is this not what the world wants to see? A transformed individual will lead to a transformed family and society. We no longer walk according to laws but by the Holy Spirit and in love. Once we walked according to the law now we walk according to grace. One leads to death and the other to life.

Holy Spirit

The Holy Spirit was sent to fill us, counsel, guide, and be our advocate. He is a person and not a thing or bird. We can relate to Him like a person. This is mind-blowing but possible. The reason we don’t see many walk on this path is because of the tussle we have with our flesh. A few saints have overcome and seen the benefits of this transformation and have turned the world upside down! Will we choose to walk in the Holy Spirit today?

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