The Tree Of Life Lives In You

The Tree of Life lives in you, John 15:5. In the garden of Eden there were two trees. One was the tree of life and the other the tree of the knowledge of good and evil, Gen 2. God forbid Adam and Eve to eat of the tree of good and evil. However, they disobeyed and fell into sin. They were banned from eating from the tree of life. Jesus came to redeem us to Himself and now lives in us as the tree of life. His sacrifice fulfilled the just requirement and so set us free to access the tree of life. What a holy transaction! Yet many still choose to eat the fruit of the tree of good and evil. It is sin that causes us to eat this fruit. We can choose to eat whatever fruit we desire. God made it easy for us by living in us and enabling us to choose freely.

Divine Exchange

This is the divine exchange that took place. God knew that Adam and Eve would be tempted and fall. God knew we were incapable of living a holy life. He, therefore, decided to live in us and live through us. He however does not override our free will. He respects us and allows us to make mistakes. It is through this process that we are refined. Life is a journey but He is with us to help us on our onward journey. He has already destined us to win in the end despite our failures. His love woos us to choose Him and to reject all that stand against Him.


What a salvation we have in Jesus. There is no other religion that offers this but Jesus. All other ways promise much but they are like clouds without rain. We need to beware of copies of the real. Our soul will seek to lead us astray but we must operate in the spirit to reform our soul. We are transformed in our minds as we follow the Holy Spirit who lives in our spirit. Today let us embrace the tree of life, Jesus, and never take our eyes off Him.

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