Whose Narrative Do You Believe?

We are bombarded by different narratives in this pluralistic world. They all sound good and are useful sound bytes. However, they don’t always tell the truth. They are narratives to promote a certain agenda like climate theory or gender ideology. These narratives are specifically promoted by government bodies to achieve a certain goal. The goal is never usually declared as that would defeat the purpose. The climate crisis may be to achieve the goal of equality among nations. However, it may be also a goal to control the nations by certain bodies. All these narratives do not address the core values and longings of the human heart. They are superficial narratives that choose to distract humankind from their basic need for love and attention.


Jesus came to address the basic need of mankind. The need to get back to Father God. People had lost their love for God, their Creator. God was a distant figure who had no interest in the everyday needs of man. Jesus came to restore that personal relationship with His Father. Sin had entered the core of our hearts and broken the cord that bound our hearts to God. There was only one solution to this brokenness, sacrifice. The sacrifice of blood was necessary to restore the original relationship.


Jesus came as the sin offering to restore our relationship with God. His sacrifice fulfilled the just requirement for our salvation from sin to love. God’s love restored us to a right relationship with Him. Now we can live like saints and not sinners. This is the narrative that we need to promote during these days of confusion and chaos. There is no other way for us to be restored to our original state. No other narrative will fulfill this requirement. Everything else sounds good and necessary but will fail to meet the cry of the human heart. Today let us promote Jesus narrative and see the world restored to wholeness.

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