Focus On Christ In You

Christ in you is our hope of glory, Col 1:27. What a powerful verse to dispel all our fears. The devil hates to hear this. He comes and distracts us with symptoms and external distractions. Yet our hope is Christ in us. We can defeat the devil with this one word, Jesus. His Name and presence in us will drive every demonic attack from us. The devil does not reside in you. He deceives us into thinking that he controls us. However, if Jesus is Lord then the devil is a victim. Jesus is our hope and no devil can overcome us through worldly distractions and physical symptoms. All we need to do is focus our attention on Jesus in us.


Most of us are so distracted by symptoms. This can come in the form of physical symptoms or symptoms due to environmental issues. Car problems and relationship problems and work problems top the list. These are distractions that keep us from keeping Jesus as the focus of our attention. Distractions keep us from our central focus. When we choose to ignore the devil he will mostly leave us. A barking dog will only continue to bark if we give it our attention. Ignore it and it will stop barking and go for another victim. We need to keep Christ in the center of our lives always and ignore distractions. This does not mean that we don’t get medical attention when required. We need to discern and address distractions accordingly.


Recently I developed some symptoms of tingling numbness in my fingers suddenly. I ignored it for two months. Nothing happened.  I decided to get medical advice and got some investigations done. The investigations revealed that I had a prolapsed disc in my neck. The neurosurgeon recommended surgical intervention. I decided to see if physiotherapy could remedy the symptoms. So far there is a marked improvement in symptoms. I now am ignoring the symptoms and concentrating on doing the exercises. I am also seeking a second neurosurgical opinion. In most occasions, our symptoms are just a red flag to something not right. Don’t let that distract us from Christ in us who is our Healer and Deliverer.

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