Our Warfare Is In The Spiritual Realm.

Most of us are unaware that the real war that is occurring is in the spiritual realm. Most of us are blind to this warfare. Yet the Bible clearly states that our warfare is not with flesh and blood but in the spiritual realms. For our struggle is not against flesh and blood, but against the rulers, authorities, and powers in this dark world and against the spiritual forces of evil in the heavenly realms Ephesians 6:12. This is a profound truth yet few of us engage in this warfare because we cannot see it. Blindness is no excuse for inaction. The evil powers want us to be blind to their existence. We need to engage with these forces that manipulate and control us on earth.

Superficial Battles

Most of us are aware of the physical and psychological realms of our existence. We engage in superficial battles of the flesh. God wants us to see beyond the physical and psychological and see with the eyes of the Spirit. When we discern the spiritual forces behind people and events we become aware of the battle that keeps us imprisoned. We need to break out and face these spiritual forces. Jesus did this all the time. He did not see the sick, lame, and captive as we see them. He addressed the forces behind them and cast them out. This is what we need to do too.

Spiritual Warfare

Engaging in spiritual warfare is a must for us who believe. Jesus taught us this and gave us the authority over them to cast them out. We are to bind and to lose. What we bind will be bound and we lose the captives. In this way, we establish His Kingdom on earth as it is in heaven. Let us today enforce this in our area of influence and see the devils flee and the captives set free.

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