God’s Voice Sounds Like His Word

God’s voice can be heard and He speaks to us primarily through His written word. The word of God is the inspired, infallible eternal word of God. It was written by saints who were inspired by the Holy Spirit to write down His words of truth. Now it has been handed down to us through the ages so that we too can enter into the fullness of it. As we read His word we become familiar with His voice. God in the beginning spoke and formed the worlds. He created all that we see and the unseen worlds. He is the Creator of all things. What was originally intended for good has fallen and so lost its original form and purpose. Jesus came to restore His original creation to its original form.

Word of God

The word of God is inspired and therefore has life in it. It is infallible and so holds truth that is of eternal value. Jesus quoted the word and even said to the devil that it is written. We too need to use His word to confront the devil. The word of God is an offensive weapon in our armory. All other parts of the armor are defensive. When speaking the word of God by faith we set in motion the word to be fulfilled. When we pray the word of God it is set in motion to perform the word. His word performs means it will create what it is sent forth.

Spoken Word

God has given us the authority to speak His word. His word eaten and received will bring forth fruit of its kind. The healing word of God will bring forth healing. The deliverance word will set the captive free. As we read and meditate on His word we begin to hear His voice. This is how we can discern His voice from many other voices that we are exposed to. Our speech will be like scripture spoken out loud. We become sensitive to His voice and now begin to speak what we hear from Him. In this way, we grow in stature and power with God.

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