Soul Noise Limiting Hearing God’s Voice

Our soul is constantly engaged in chatter. Most of the time we are unaware of this chatter which occurs at a subconscious level. However, we can become aware of this chatter when we consciously watch our thoughts. This is the basis of cognitive therapy. When we observe our thoughts we will become aware of the repetitive nature of our thoughts. These thoughts cause us to feel up or down. Many times we are so consumed by our thoughts that we are unable to hear God through our spirit. The Holy Spirit talks to us through our spirit. We then hear Him through our thoughts. However, if our thoughts are so loud then we will drown out the voice of God. This is why we need to learn to silence our souls and focus on God’s voice in us. This is easily said than done but it is possible.


One way to quieten our soul chatter is to pray in tongues. This cancels our thoughts as we now are communicating in the spirit which bypasses our mind. We get into the spirit mode. We can also meditate on the Word of God and hear His voice speaking through His Word. Distracting our thoughts by diverting our attention to something else is another way to quieten our soul Painting, listening to Godly music, and playing a musical instrument are other ways to distract ourselves from our repetitive thoughts. God speaks loudly when we are able to wait on Him in silence. This silence is an inner silence not just by being in a quiet place. We can be in a quiet place but still have noise in our souls.

God’s Voice

God’s voice sounds like His written Word. He sometimes speaks to us in pictures or through our senses. He can speak to us when we are occupied doing housework. We must be open to hearing Him. Soon we will be hearing Him more clearly. Once we enter into habitation we become more familiar with His voice. We will only want to do what He is saying. This is a state of complete surrender to Him. We become detached from the world we live in. It will feel like living in heaven on earth. This may only happen at times in the beginning but becomes more continuous as we surrender all to Him. 

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