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What A Hope We Have In Jesus

Jesus promised us eternal life to all who believed in Him. What a glorious hope we have in Jesus. No other leader has promised this. This is only possible for Him to say this because He is God. Now what more do we need to do but to believe and be saved from eternal damnation.…

Eternal Life Is the Power From Heaven To Transform

Jesus promised eternal life to all those who received Him as Lord and Saviour. This is a profound statement yet true. He came in the form of sinful man to redeem man from his fallen state. This was planned before the creation of man. God knew that man would sin and so had to provide…

Demonic Infiltration

The demonic has infiltrated every aspect of our lives. The seed of the serpent was impregnated through the Fall and ever since then mankind has come under the influence of the god of this world. God saw the results of the Fall and just like in the days of Noah so we are seeing the…

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