Heart To Heart Communication Is An Art.

Heart to heart communication is to many a challenge. We see children communicate what they feel without any inhibition. Out of the mouth of a child truth is spoken. Yet as they grow up they lose this innocence and become sophisticated and lies are covered up nicely. They lose the art of true communication. There are so many meanings in one word and some of us get confused and ask what did he/she really mean? We misunderstand and make assumptions, which complicates matters. One lie is covered up with another lie and in the end all we do is communicate lies. This was not our intention but this is what happens. How do we recover this lost art of communication from our heart?

We need to go back to basics and be honest in our communication. The best communication is to be open and direct. The worst kind is to be indirect and closed. Open communication is to tell the truth as we know it with no hidden agendas. We say what we mean and nothing else. We speak from our heart with no filters. When we filter what we say we begin to have to tell some white lies. We get into the position of being politically correct. In this process we lose the ability to be honest about our true feelings. We see this played out in the media and in our daily conversations. We do this not to hurt the feelings of others, but in reality we hurt them more than ever. Relationships suffer because no one knows where the truth lies. 

To recover the art of heart to heart communication is possible. All we need to do is to stop the bad habit of filtering everything we say with our mind. We therefore say what we mean and take the risk of being rejected. Consequently, after a while people will begin to trust us for our honesty rather then reject us. We become open and vulnerable. Jesus spoke from His heart and opened up the communication to the woman at the well and she asked, “Are you a prophet?”. Truth is painful at times but it changes and transforms relationships. Relationships built on trust and openness are able to sustain every attack and challenge. It is like building a house on the rock. Today is a good day to start communicating from your heart and thus transform your relationships.

Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

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