Money Is The Currency Of This World. Love Is The Currency Of Heaven.

Money is not good or evil. It is in whose hands it is and how it is used that makes it good or evil. The value of a thing is determined by how much it costs. A painting may cost next to nothing but the painter can make a difference. The value of the painting is determined by the author. A famous painter will fetch large amounts of money on his paintings. So also we put value on things in this world like houses in certain localities and antiques of a certain age. All these are perishable and a fire could destroy all these works of art. However God’s currency of love has no worldly value.
God’s love has eternal value. This kind of love cannot be bought with money. God sent His Son to show us His love for mankind. Yet man rejects His love and rather have money. There is no comparison. A man sold all he had and bought the pearl of great price. This is the kind of love that God gives and it is free. He promises eternal life. Yet most of us are so blind to reject this eternal life. We are so blind that we cannot see and so settle for that which is temporary. This is the kind of blindness Jesus talked about. Money has blinded us and we only appreciate what we see. Love opens our eyes to see riches beyond our physical senses.
These riches can only be obtained by faith. The same love that drove Jesus to the Cross will drive you to obtain His riches. You will sell all to receive His riches. This kind of love money cannot buy. These heavenly riches can be enjoyed now on earth. All we need to do is believe in the finished work of Christ on the Cross. He died that we may live and have eternal life. This is the inheritance of all who come to Jesus to be saved from the love of money to the love of God. This shift causes one to desire the things of God rather than the things of this world.  Come to the river of life and be saved for eternity.

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