Physical Death Was Not Overcome At The Cross.


Death where is your sting. Jesus overcame death at the Cross. However this refers to death of our spirit. When Adam sinned we all sinned and so died spiritually. Jesus came to reverse this death by dying on the Cross. We now are alive in the spirit and this is what we call the born again experience. This is resurrection power that raised us. Before His resurrection we were dead in our spirit. Now through His death we have come alive. Because He lives I have hope for tomorrow. His resurrection was the greatest event in history. Without His resurrection we are hopeless and lost. However we will still die a physical death.


We will all die one day unless we are raptured or walk into heaven like Enoch did. This is the reality. Why were we left to face death? Death is what makes living so exciting. Death for a Christian is a promotion. Christ overcame death and now we too can overcome death. The fear of death keeps many caged in their prison. The reality of death limits us. However we need to operate in eternal life and not death. Jesus said that He has given us eternal life in the spirit. This life is for now and not the hereafter. We fail to live the abundant life Christ promised because we don’t believe in eternal life. Eternal life has no beginning and no end. We need to shift our thinking from a limited God to a God of no limits.

Resurrection Power

Today let us operate in resurrection power. This power is available to us who believe. Jesus said I am the resurrection power and life. His life was the demonstration of what is possible when we believe in His finished work. He now has ascended into heaven so that we can now operate in the same power. Why don’t we see the church operate in this power? We fail to do so because we fail to believe. Unbelief keeps us from availing of the power that has been afforded to us. We must move from a position of mental assent to an act of obedience and acceptance. This is the only we can overcome death and be victorious.

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