Will You Welcome Jesus Into Your Home Today? If Not Why Not?


This is a confronting question but worth asking. How will things have to change if Jesus came home to stay? Will my daily routines have to change? Will my friendships have to change? Will my talk have to change? What about what I watch on television and online? Maybe we have to do an audit to see how much change we will have to make  if Jesus moves in. However He lives in us. He is resident in our life through the Holy Spirit. Yet most of the time we are not aware of His presence or are we? Jesus said He had no place to lay His head down. Why was this so? People were happy to follow Him from a distance but when persecution came they all left  Him.


Has anything changed today? Are we happy to have Jesus to meet our needs but keep Him at a distance? Many call Him Lord but do we really understand what it means to say He is Lord? Our conscience has been so seared by the culture we live in that we don’t even know what sin is! We have accommodated to the culture we live in and nothing appears to upset us. We do things all in the name of tolerance and love. Is it loving to tolerate evil? Yet this is what we are doing in our churches. We have a good time and hear nice messages that keep us comfortable and warm. Jesus came to upset the status quo. He did not bring peace but division. So what was the peace He was talking about?


In this world we will face challenges that will confront us and we have to make a choice for good or evil. There is no compromise as compromise means we have given in to evil. We cannot compromise with sin. We cannot cover it with nice clothes and perfume. It is still sin. It is time for us to do an audit and ask ourselves the question. Will Jesus be comfortable to live with us or will He be left outside? I am challenged by this question and have to do a daily audit to stop doing things which I know I will not do or say if Jesus is in my home. Judge yourself is a good way to start the process of cleaning up my own house. His peace is real when we make Him Lord.

Photo by cottonbro on Pexels.com

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