God’s Kingdom Is Within You

God’s kingdom is not a physical entity but a spiritual kingdom that was established when he came to live in us. Jesus is King and He came to claim us for His own. Many looked for an external Kingdom but God planned to build His Kingdom within us. We are the body of Christ and as we come to unity in His Spirit we become His Kingdom on earth. His Kingdom grows as we grow in Him. This is an organic union where we become a community of people who serve Jesus as Lord. When we grow in maturity we become strong and resilient. All our needs will be met from within. God established this way from the beginning. However, we tend to still look for things from the outside.

His Will

Jesus looked to His Father to fulfill all His needs. He only did and said what he saw His Father doing. We too need to walk in His Spirit and be led by Him in every area of our life. There is no other way to walk in the kingdom. We lose our way because we try and walk in the flesh to meet our needs. This is not the way Jesus came to establish. He said His will be done on earth as it is in heaven. He has already decided on the plan for each one of us to fulfill. Now it is our turn to fit into His plan in heaven.

His Plan

Our books have already been written in heaven. We miss His plan only because of delays or hindrances. We will face many challenges as we choose to walk in His way. However, when we choose daily to do His will, we will fit into His plan. God is calling each one of us to begin to tap into His resources within us and bring heaven down to earth. There is no other plan. 

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