Unity. How Is This Possible When The Church Is So Divided.


In Matthew 17 Jesus prayer to His Father was that He would keep His disciples united. Unity is what God seeks for His church. From the beginning the Godhead were united. In the garden of Eden there was unity till the Fall. Since then the devil has sort to cause division than unity in his attack on believers. God caused confusion when the people were united in Baal by speaking one language. He dispersed the people by confusing them with many languages. The Holy Spirit at Pentecost came and united the believers in a new language of the Spirit. Could this be the way we can unite again?

Spirit of Jesus

We have all been given one and the same Spirit. This is the Spirit of Jesus. When we walk in the Spirit as He is in the Spirit we have fellowship with one another. So why are we so divided? Maybe we are not walking in the Spirit. Maybe we are being divided through walking in the flesh. If this is so then we need to pray in the Spirit, in the new language God has given us, to unite us in the Spirit. Could this be the key to walking in the Spirit and in unity.


At Pentecost God poured out His Spirit and they were all filled in the Spirit and spoke in tongues. There was a complete change in the atmosphere and unity of those gathered in the upper room. They began to sell all they had and meet the needs of each other. There was no division. It seemed impossible but God made it possible. Should we pray for such an outpouring now? Do we yearn to be like the disciples in the upper room? Is this what God is looking for in these last days before He returns. The world is so divided by so many opinions and lies. Can we as a body of believers bring heaven to earth by our unity in the Spirit?

United In the Spirit

I think we can. We need to pray for the Spirit to fill and overflow through us and pray in the Spirit. In the Spirit there are no opinions, only His will. His will is to unite us and not divide us. In the Spirit we can overcome all fleshly desires. We will not be driven by selfish ambition and pride. We will humble ourselves and seek to serve each other. In such an atmosphere of trust we can bring heaven down to earth and heal the earth. Come Lord Jesus and hear our cry and unite us in these days of chaos and confusion.

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