For Perfect Peace Fix Your Mind On Him

In these days of turbulence in all areas of life, peace is what is needed most. Turbulence is a fact of life. On the boat Jesus was asleep when the storm was raging outside (Mark 4:38). The disciples panicked and feared they were going to drown. They forgot that the Saviour of the world was in the boat with them. They looked at the storm and lost heart. When they finally called on Jesus, He said “Peace, be still” and the storm calmed down. We too must turn to Him and keep our eyes fixed on Him when things get rough. This is not the time to lose heart. This is the time to pray for peace as warriors. The world will panic but we must stay fixed on our course. We have a King who is above all other kings and presidents.

Peace is what is needed most in times of trouble. Many talk about peace and being peace keepers. The peace the world gives is temporary. It is based on human values and not the eternal values of the Kingdom of God. What is earthly has only a short life span. We see this in many peace agreements between nations. It’s only as good as the word of man. The Word of God on the other hand provides eternal peace. This is why we need to fix our mind on Him and not man. 

Our mind is the place where we determine if we will give in to the pressures of the world or not. When the pressure increases it is easy to give in and compromise. We must check the state of our mind to keep it fixed on Him (Isa 26:3). When we stray from Him who is our Keeper, we become vulnerable to other voices. Our spirit must be in tune with His Spirit and our mind will follow. Our mind decides which way we will turn. Watch and pray when things get rough for this is the time to get tough.

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One thought on “For Perfect Peace Fix Your Mind On Him

  1. Amen

    Thank you so much 🙏

    I choose to stay in perfect peace,

    I will be still cos I know God is with me in the midst of the storm 🙏


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