The Law Of Attraction Is Demonic In Nature And Based On Familiarity.

Many have heard of invoking the law of attraction to attract wealth and prosperity. This law states that what you believe will come to you. If you think and believe in wealth then you will attract wealth. This is quite a popular theory and many have been seduced by it. However the underlying spirit could be demonic in nature. Why do I say this? Attraction can be a familiar spirit. A seductive spirit will attract similar seductive spirits. This seduction is evil although it may look innocent. Any spirit in me will be attracted to a similar spirit in others. A lustful spirit will attract other lustful spirits. Birds of a feather flock together. This is what the law of attraction is all about. If one does not discern the spirit behind a movement then it is easy to get trapped into it.

This will also apply to other areas of life. Addictions are a good example. If I am addicted to alcohol then I will be attracted to other alcoholics. The spirit of alcohol is the attraction. Alcohol is not evil in itself but once it controls my life then it becomes an addiction. So also other deviations, sexual or physical, can result from the attraction of similar spirits. Could this explain how many get into trouble because what appeared innocent now has become a problem?  Money is not evil in itself but the love of money is.

What is the way out of this situation? Firstly it is difficult to see it is a problem till the addiction becomes a problem due to its consequences. Gambling is not a problem till it breaks up a marriage or bankruptcy results. One can see how an innocent activity has become a snare. This is where such addictions are demonic in nature. One needs to repent and be delivered from the spirit of addiction. With Jesus this is possible. He came to set the captive free. There is no other lasting solution. Today be aware of attractions that may end up in addictions.

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