Switch Your Thinking From Your Head To Your Heart

Photo by cottonbro on Pexels.com

God created us as a triune being: body, soul and spirit. Our thoughts and thinking mainly occur in our mind. We are programmed from birth to think in a certain way. Our education system emphasises thinking and processing through our mind. We pride ourselves on our intellect and there are intelligence tests that are able to score  the degree of our intelligence. We are so used to thinking with our head that we miss out on another area called our spirit. When we talk about things we are mainly speaking from our mind. We discuss and opine on matters from our mind. This is good but it is not the full picture. Our spirit also has a mind.

Our spirit mind has a different language. Our spirit thinks in dreams, pictures and visions. Our spirit intuits things and feels things that cannot be seen or reasoned. It senses from a different realm. It sees into the spirit realm and then tries to make sense of it through our mind. To think in our spirit is to think like Jesus. He spoke in parables and created stories that had meanings that only those  with spiritual eyes could see. Those who were spiritually blind only saw the external and got confused as to what Jesus meant. Even with the disciples Jesus had to explain what He meant.[ Meaning has many layers. The word of God has many layers of meaning. It is only the spiritually aware that are able to see beyond the word.

Switching from operating with our mind to operating in our spirit is not automatic. We need to step back from our mind to observe what we hear and see. We then are able to switch into the spirit mind to discern the spirit behind what we see and hear. Our minds tend to see things through filters. In the spirit there are no filters. There are images and shadows of things to be. We need a spiritual lens to see the meaning behind those shadows and images. When our hearts are enlightened we begin to see beyond the natural. We enter the realm of the supernatural. We see in the spirit and we speak and then see the manifestation in the earthly realm of what we see in the spirit. This is how Jesus walked. He saw what His Father was doing and followed His lead. Today let us begin to think and see in the spirit and walk according to the Spirit.

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