The Church Must Be Involved In Spiritual Warfare and Not Just Social Welfare

The church is primarily called to win the lost who are spiritually dead. Jesus’ commission is that we go to all nations and preach the gospel. He instituted this command before He ascended to heaven. He came to reverse the damage that the devil caused in the world and He did this by His death on the Cross. This message has been preached and many have been saved from eternal damnation. However most of the world are still blind to this message and continue to walk in blindness. The devil has blinded the eyes of all and only the blood of Jesus can save. We who have been saved must now wage war against the forces of evil and bring many to the knowledge of His salvation. We must pray that blind eyes be opened.

This kind cannot be saved through good works. Many are involved in good works which is not a bad thing. However no man can come to know Him through good works. The Bible says that our good works are as good as filthy rags. It is only by faith in God and His Son Jesus that men can be saved. This is a spiritual work and only God can open blind eyes. This is why we cannot wage war with guns and force but through love and spiritual warfare.  We have to pray and take authority over the principalities and powers in high places that rule over lives and places. Only the spiritual can do this. We need to see in the Holy Spirit and war in the spirit.

Spiritual warfare is not something for the fainthearted. We must believe that there is a evil kingdom that is against God’s Kingdom. One is a kingdom of darkness and the other a Kingdom of light. Many walk in darkness and so cannot see. We who are spiritually aware need to lead the blind out of darkness. When we pray we participate in liberating the captives from this blindness. The only way this war can be won is through prayer. Jesus prayed much for His disciples that they may not be deceived by the evil one. This darkness is present today and we must pray that many will repent and turn from their wicked ways and be healed.

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