Lust Is Based On Fantasy. Love Is Based On Action.


Many are the drivers of our behaviour. When our emotions are aroused we will be driven to do things unimaginable. We have to discern what is driving us. If lust drives us then it is mainly based on our fantasy. Fantasy is our fallen imagination that thinks we can get away with some of our forbidden desires. Many rapes and sexual misadventures are based on lust. Lust is a big driver in many risky adventures. The lust for power, fame and self aggrandisement are some of the results of lust. Sexual lust has broken many marriages. Love on the other hand is based on action.


Love is the determined action to serve another. It is not driven by selfish desires but selfless concern. It always gives and desires to bless than to take. Think always what is driving you in a particular situation. If it is lust then reject the desire before it is too late. Once desire is formed it is difficult to reverse the action that follows. Impulsive actions many times leads to a good life suddenly destroyed. What is the solution to this dilemma where in Romans 7 Paul eludes to this situation of knowing what to do but not doing it?


The solution is to surrender our will to the Lord. Many of us want to live a Christian life but on our terms. This is not possible. This is clearly illustrated in Romans 7. The flesh will not yield to the Spirit. Only total surrender will result in the flesh being reckoned dead. Once we know our place in the Spirit we will be able to overcome the flesh. The flesh will have no more power over us. Remember sin is a powerful force that works through our flesh. We need to submit to God and walk in obedience to the Spirit and not give in to the ways of the flesh. This is the victory we have in Christ Jesus who won the battle on Calvary.

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2 thoughts on “Lust Is Based On Fantasy. Love Is Based On Action.

    1. Distance yourself from those thoughts and feelings and delete them. They are not what you desire and so see it as coming from outside. in this way you refuse to
      accept them and send them to hell. This works for me.


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