Vision {visualise} Your Strategy Toward Your Goal.


Visualisation is a technique that is powerful in achieving goals. Once you can picture your strategy, you are able to implement it. We have goals but then fail to know how to achieve those goals. One way is to visualise your strategy and your whole being will be put into action. I have found that this works in all areas of life. Recently I was involved in painting the skirting boards in my house. I visualised a strategy and the task was achieved quickly. Visualisation is like thinking from the heart and not the head. Pictures are able to capture a scene and solve a problem very quickly. When we communicate we can paint a picture of the scene or communicate in words. The words will describe the picture to another person who then is able to see the picture.

Communicate in Pictures

There are various modes of communication. The communicator can describe a scene and draw a picture for the recipient. Another can describe it in words but fail to communicate the picture. Visual communication is powerful for it transmits an understanding that goes beyond the head. Heart communication is in pictures. Dreams are another form of communication in pictures. People who fail to see in pictures are limited in their thinking. This is a kind of blindness that prevents them from seeing the big picture. God is trying to communicate with us through pictures but we fail to understand Him because we translate His words in words. 


Ask God to open your eyes to see Him high and lifted up seated on His heavenly throne. A deeper understanding will descend on you and the scales from your eyes will fall. Many are blind to God and His ways because they fail to understand Him. We need to pray that our eyes are opened to see Him as He is. It is this vision of Him that will transform us from our limited perception to His perception of us. We were created in His image. Once we see Him as He is, we become more like Him in our image. This is what Jesus came to show us. He came as a son of man to reveal the Father heart of God. He came to save us from our fallen state and redeem us into our heavenly state.

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