Transformed Into The Likeness Of Jesus

The Bible states that we need to be transformed by the renewal of our minds. How does this transformation take place? We need to first be renewed in our spirit before this can happen. Our spirit needs to be born again which happens when we receive Jesus as our Lord and Saviour. We were dead in our sins and therefore did not have the ability to commune with God who is spirit. To be able to commune with God we need to be born of the spirit. We were born in the flesh in our first birth but still dead in the spirit because we were born in sin. Sin cut us out from communion with God although we were created by God. He had to breathe His Spirit into us to come alive. This born-again experience is the only way we can have eternal life. 


Once we have come to the knowledge of His salvation we now are in a position to have a relationship with Him. Most are satisfied with the born-again experience but fail to move on in the Spirit. No transformation takes place. Their spirit is born again but their flesh is not. Our flesh needs to be transformed through the renewal of our mind. This renewal is a process. Our spirit mind gets renewed by the Holy Spirit who comes to dwell within us. Before we were born again the Spirit of God was working outside us. Through the born-again experience, the Holy Spirit comes to dwell in our spirit. We now need to be baptized in the Holy Spirit and fire to be transformed into His likeness. This is the process of sanctification. Our flesh man needs to die daily so the spirit man can come alive in leaps and bounds. This transformation is like the transfiguration that took place when Jesus was with His three disciples. The disciples saw this but failed to understand what took place. 


This transformation can lead us to be so separate from our flesh that we feel as if we have been transfigured. We now are totally immersed in the Holy Spirit and He directs our flesh. This is the state that Enoch was in. He was so transformed that He walked away into the other realm without facing death in the flesh. Is this possible for us? Nothing is impossible with God. Smith Wigglesworth reports that he was so transformed that none of the diseases could affect him. We can be so transformed that our flesh is affected and redeemed by the power of God. I yearn to be transformed to be like Jesus on earth. Do you?

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