I Was Born In Adam. I am Born Again In Jesus.

I was born in sin and carried the DNA of Adam. I therefore had no ability to commune with God as my spirit was dead. However being made in the image of God I had the desire to be like God. In my search for God I was faced with the challenge of Jesus to accept Him as my Lord and Saviour. I did this and my spirit was born again. I now am in Jesus and have communion with my Father in heaven. This is the heavenly transaction for all. Jesus accomplished this to save His creation from the power of sin. Satan however wants to keep us bound to sin as he wants to take us to hell with him.

Now I have the DNA of Jesus flowing through me. He replaced the DNA of Adam with His DNA. This now means that I have the same power over sin and can be like Jesus when He walked on earth. More than this I can now operate in the resurrection power of Jesus. The possibilities are immense and all I have to do is to submit to His will. Now there is no limitation although I am still living in my body. I can now operate in the Spirit rather than in the flesh. I am filled with His Spirit and walk in His Spirit.

In Jesus I have been given a purpose to live for on earth. This is to do His will rather than my will. I have died to my self and now Christ has replaced the I. My greatest joy now is to serve Him and to live for Him. He is the pearl of great price. Now I can look forward to eternal life in Him. The power of eternal life in me now propels me to higher and greater realms of glory. This is the privilege of all who will make Him Lord. This is the time to leave all and to follow Him. All His promises are yes and amen.

Photo by Roberto Nickson on Pexels.com

3 thoughts on “I Was Born In Adam. I am Born Again In Jesus.

  1. Love to see a blog on HELL- Sheol in Hebrew and Hades in Greek- Is it a place of eternal suffering and torment or is it just end of LIFE.



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