Resting In God Is A Faith Position For Those Who Know God.

Resting in God’s promises is only possible for those who know God intimately. The place of rest is a place for all who believe and trust in Him and His word. God rested after He did His works. We need to enter into His rest now that He has completed His works. Why then the restlessness in our hearts? We are restless only because we have not entered His rest, which is a place where we trust all things into God’s hands. He is the Creator and we are His creation, who should know His love and therefore rest just like a child knows his father’s love and rests. What a place of peace and trust and no man can buy this rest. This rest is only available through intimacy with God.

Intimacy is a well-known term but few understand the depth of its meaning. To be intimate is to be exposed to another and be vulnerable. One cannot be intimate with another if one is not exposed. God knows all things about us. We cannot hide from Him. He knows our deepest thoughts and the intent of our heart. We may think we can fool others but we can never fool God. We must come to Him openly and bare all to Him. In this place we will know the Father heart of God and know His rest. We trust Him and He trusts us and there is no doubt. “All to Jesus I surrender, all to Him I freely give” will be our daily song.

What a good place to be when all around us appears to be crumbling and falling down. Man-made structures and monuments can be easily destroyed. His word never changes and is eternal. His word is a light that shines through darkness and shows up the hidden areas that need to be exposed. In this process of exposure is our deliverance. We are at rest for there is no fear in perfect love. Others may deride Him but we choose to trust Him and His completed works. Hallelujah what a salvation we have in Jesus. We rest because He rests and is seated on the right hand of the Father. Come and enter into His rest today.

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