If You Can Hear God For Yourself, Why Bother Listening To Others?

Hearing God

Our God is a personal God. He communicates with us as He lives in us. Why then do we need to listen to others? This is a question that we need to ask ourselves. Why? Because most of us want to know if we are right. The only way we can know if we are hearing God aright is to listen to others. Prophecy confirms what God has already revealed to us. We are part of a body and not an island. God used to speak to one person like Moses. However now God has taken His abode within us so that we can all hear Him speak. This is the difference Jesus made by coming to us in the form of man. He showed us the way to know the voice of the Father.

Holy Spirit

His Holy Spirit within us reveals His thoughts to us. We can hear Him in the still small voice, the wind and the voices of others. God decided that we were part of His body on earth. We were made to be united in Spirit with His Spirit. We therefore like the many parts of the body are to complement each other. This is what body ministry is all about. We only see dimly at present as we are not whole as Jesus was. Jesus was full of the Holy Spirit and was sinless. We still walk in our flesh which is being redeemed. We therefore are prone to influences that make us vulnerable to sin. We have each other to keep us in the straight and narrow way.

Body Ministry

We must hear God for ourselves. This is what makes us real and strong. Our identity in Him is because we are called sons and daughters. We know Him as our Father in heaven. He wants to reveal Himself to us. Yet He also wants us to love one another. We therefore need each other to fulfil His purposes. To do this we need to listen to each other. In this way we glorify the Father. Yes we can hear God for ourselves but we also need each other to make us whole. It is in the process of relationship that we grow like iron sharpens iron. We get moulded and refined through this process. Let us listen to God and listen to each other and be made whole.

Photo by Andrea Piacquadio on Pexels.com

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