The Disconnect Between God’s Word And Our Experience.

God’s word is full of promises and we are supposed to avail of them in this life. However there is a disconnect between what His word says and what we experience. Why? I believe this disconnection is due to several factors and one of them is trust. Faith demands that we believe and trust what God says. However our mind is slow to understand and comprehend His word. We read His word and fail to receive its benefits. This disconnect has caused many to wander away from walking with God. God says He has come to give us abundant life but all we see is strife and chaos. Many are still in the Romans 7 experience where we find ourselves doing the things we should not be doing.  We fail to enter into the Romans 8 experience of abundant living. 


We experience the born again state where our spirit is redeemed but continue to walk according to the flesh. No wonder we are in conflict in ourselves. When we align ourselves with God’s word we will experience the fulfilment of His promises. This is a process of sanctification where our mind gets transformed to  align with His word. The Holy Spirit then manifests through us and we experience the healing and restoration of our soul. God’s word says you have been healed yet many continue to suffer from sickness and disease. How can this be? We must pursue the things in the Spirit and not operate with our mind.


Our minds need to be transformed to understand the things of the Spirit. If we try and understand spiritual matters using our mind we will operate at a human level. God is Spirit and we need to connect with Him through our spirit. The disconnect we see is because we are trying to live our lives using our mind. Revelation comes to us through the spirit and then understanding comes to our mind. Let us stop walking according to our flesh and begin to walk by faith in the Spirit.

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